Surge arrestors
SNAKE 4 and 5 plugs / SNAKE 4 and 5 + 2 USB chargers
SNAKE 4 and 5 + 2 USB chargers + WIFI control

SNAKE surge arrestors protect equipment against surges and indirect effects of lightning. Perfect to protect any sensitive electrical equipement such as: computers, HIFI, multimedia equipment.

• Surge protection
• Smart design : flexible to hug corners, fits transformers and adapters blocks
• Child safety
• Grounded sockets
• Available in USE, Schuko
• Circuit Breaker
• ON/OFF switch
• Grounded cord of 1.5 m
• Available in black, white, and colors on request

Specific Characteristics to SNAKE USB
• 2 USB chargers

Specific Characteristics to SNAKE USB + WIFI
• 2 USB chargers
• WIFI function to monitor and manage the connected devices anytime from everywhere
-> Switch On/Off your devices
-> Set time schedule
-> Save on your energy bill
• Work through WIFI network, mobile internet (3G/4G), on smartphones and digital tablets.

All SNAKE surges are CE, RoHS and REACH certified