The SOHO market in the UPS industry includes IT home needs, small and medium businesses, professionals working from home. With the rise of entertainment devices and media centres, it becomes critical to secure a high quality power supply and protection from interference and black-outs. Then, our devices will work longer, better, and in case of any power failure datas can be saved before system shut down.

ELIX Energy has a complete UPS range to cover SOHO needs :

  • low energy consumption
  • small footprint, silent
  • advanced communication
  • full protection for your sensitive devices and data


Data centres are one of company most fundamental assets : a structure on which the entire organisation depends. It is important to ensure these systems are functional and reliable, and following precise quality criteria.

ELIX Energy has ideal solutions for datacenter, telecommunication centres, IT, bank and insurance. Solutions offered will be flexible, extendable, and highly reliable. Those UPSs are built to provide the best energy efficiency and lowest environmental impact possible. Thanks to its high efficiency level, small footprint and strong built in, our solutions provide the highest level of safety and security when allowing substantial energy and cost savings.


Medical and healthcare services usually rely on digital technologies. Due to the critical nature of these applications,closely linked with personal well being and life, the services and infrastructure has to be designed to ensure maximum levels of reliability and operating safety.

ELIX Energy guarantees an optimal protection, high resilience, and compliant with specific standards.


Complex industrial installations (such as petrol, gas industries, energy production, water treatment, industrial processes, emergency systems…) require resilience and reliability under all operating and environmental conditions.

The UPS is a fundamental asset for guaranteeing service continuity and system safety.


train, airports, toll gates, ports… they all require specific uninterruptible power supplies : reliable and built in to work in very difficult environment (high or low temperatures, unstable voltage, …). Elix energy UPS benefit from the latest technology, for the best performance whatever the conditions are.

Our team of experts are trained to provide with best fitted power solutions, keeping in mind environment concerns, high efficiency, safety.


Elix energy has a complete range of UPS to secure all emergency devices and applications.

  • high standard and certifications to guarantee products are fully compliant with international electrical standards and safety rules
  • long autonomy
  • advanced battery system
  • galvanic isolation

Those UPSs are present in the hospitals, tren stations, stadium, shopping malls, schools and many other public structures.

Secure safety devices (such as alarms, safety cameras, emergency lights…) will keep on running even in case of power failure.