With 4 Watt power rating, BATTLAMP 4W LED provides light when switch is on and also in case of power outage.

When the switch is on « AC » position, BATTLAMP 4W LED works as a classic lightbulb controlled by the wall switch, and recharge its battery in case of a later use without power.
When the switch is on « DC » position, the lightbulb enlights only when not powered. The lightbulb can keep on lighting up to 6 hours continuously thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery.
Connected on a wall socket, it will automatically switch on in case of power outage. It turns into a flashlight by removing from the socket and kept by a retractable handle. With a wide input voltage range, BATTLAMP 4W LED provides a steady lighting even in case of electrical disturbances such as voltage drop.
Thanks to its 33 LEDs (lightemitting diodes), it provides as much as a 40 Watt filament lightbulb while consuming 10 times less. Life expectancy is 30 000 hours against 1 000 hours for a classic lightbulb.
It allows substantial savings.