Digital Stabilizer
75 - 1 000 kVA
3-phase input & 3-phase output

LEO IGBT range is designed to protect sensitive equipment such as laboratory analyzers, medical imaging systems, broadcast transmitters, security scanners and CNN machine tools.

• Ultra fast PWM controlled
• AVR with precise regulation

Main features
• Input voltage 285-475 V
• Excellent voltage regulation at ±1%
• Very fast correction time : < 30 ms, 2 000 V/sec
• Soft start to reduce in rush current
• Auto bypass
• Excellent load protection capabilities to ensure load life and compatible with almost all load application
• Static voltage stabilizer is working on IGBT (static device) based PWM control technology. No moving or mechanical contact for voltage regulation
• At the primary of buck-boost transformer difference voltage is added and substracted by IGBT based AC-AC converter to regulate output voltage
• Cycle by cycle voltage regulation without interrupting load current