AVR 3 - 3 000 kVA

LEO TD AVRs are designed to operate in difficult electrical environments, making them an ideal choice for the protection of industrial equipments.
LEO TD AVRs become a must have against power surges, brownouts, overloads and short circuits.

Main features :
• Servomotors technology : reliable with an excellent automatic voltage regulation
• 3-phase in and out
• Regulates mains voltage
• Non-linear charges drive
• Wide power & voltage range
• Fast regulation
• High reliability thanks to its microprocessor and smart driver
• High efficiency
• Load transfer to bypass via pole charge switch
• Safe and economic
• Surge and short-circuit protection
• Overload and overheat protection (in option)
• Digitally displayed status, input & output measurements
• Spare parts available for 10 years, strong built-in