Relay technology AVR
500 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 VA

This technology uses a relay system (electronic components) to regulate voltage. Each time the output voltage reaches a predefined threshold, the AVR is automatically triggered to bring back the voltage to a value close to the nominal voltage. AVRs increase the voltages when it is too low, it is the «boost» function, and lower it when it is too high, it is the «buck» function. This technology provides stable voltage at ± 8%.

Main features
• Automatic regulation of the output voltage (boost/buck)
• LEO SOHO : wide input voltage tolerance 100-260 V
• Delay function (6s/180s selectable)
• 5 Schuko sockets : AVR and surge protected
• Thermal protection
• Circuit breaker/fuse
• Protection against short-circuits, overload, overheating, and surge
• Digital screen monitoring input/output voltage
• Easy to use, robust