Remote display panel

The RMX-Panel is a remote monitoring device that can provide a detailed ups status overview in real time. This device is able to display mains power, output and battery readings as well as ups operating states. The high visibility graphic display supports English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many other languages.
It has 3 independent serial ports, one of which allows for UPS monitoring via the MODBUS/JBUS protocol (on either an RS485 or RS232 serial line).
The other independent serial lines can be used to connect devices such as the NETIX card Web / SNMP or a PC running the provided software.
Product refrence : Y004 3ACC 004

Features :
• high visibility LCD with graphic functions
• management of three independent serial lines
• Port configuration for MODBUS/JBUS as RS232 or RS485
• suitable for integration with the main BMS
• firmware upgradeable via serial port