Mini DROM 10-90 kVA

10-40 kVA 3:3, 3:1, 1:1
10-90 kVA 3:3
Modular UPS

The Mini DROM UPSs are in a rack and combine compact size, ease of use and installation flexibility.
Mini DROM can be easily adapted to any type of installation thanks to its possibility to operate indifferently as 3:3, 3:1 or 1:1.
The coated boards make it a solution suitable for harsh environments and it increases the reliability and expected life, obtaining a result among the most important in the market.

• High efficiency provided by the most recent electronic technology.
• Smart parallel management : flat curve of efficiency in a large power range that minimizes energy losses at lower load.
• Excellent input and output electrical performances such as very low harmonic distortion to the mains, which means a clean electrical network without disturbances to other critical loads, as well as lower energy losses.
• Modular structure that allows to achieve the requested power using only the necessary.