LF MASTER HE 100-800 kVA

100-800 kVA 3:3

Main characteristics
• High efficiency up to 99,4% (in stand-by mode)
• Compact size : Only 0,85 m2 for the LF Master HE 250 kVA
• Reduced weight for tranformer based UPS
• Double load protection, both electronic and galvanic, towards the battery.

The entire LF Master HE range is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Thanks to the flexibility of configuration, available options and accessories, it is suitable for supplying any type of load, e.g. capacitive loads such as blade servers, rather then motor drivers or any other critical vertical application. Power supply reliability and availability are ensured for critical applications by distributed or centralised parallel configurations of up to 8 units, for redundant (N+1) or power parallel configurations and all the different configurations offered by the LF Master MP range.