6 - 10 kVA

With On-Line double conversion topology, HELIOS range UPSs protects your critical applications from any electrical disturbances like voltage and frequency fluctuations, power failures and micro power failures, harmonics phenomena, voltage surges, …
Your sensitive applications are completely protected and service continuity is insured in every case.
The On-Line double conversion topology is the universal protection for any kind of loads and in any environment whatever the level of electrical pollution is. The output of the UPS is completely isolated from the input hence insensitive from the disturbances coming from the input voltage source.

Main features
• On-line double conversion topology
• Single-phase in / single-phase out
• True sinus wave at the output
• High efficiency mode (ECO)
• 0.9 Output power factor
• Frequency converter mode
• Output voltage regulation < 1%
• Output THDv < 2% with linear mode
• Dot matrix LCD display
• Extendable run time
• Multiple Communication ports
• SNMP and relay cards
• N+X Parallel redundancy
• Maintenance bypass
• Emergency Power Off (EPO)